Important Notes about Payroll in Nigeria

Personal Income Tax Rates
Chargeable Income (NGN) Rates Tax on Band (NGN) Cumulative Chargeable Profit Cumulative Tax (NGN)
First 300,000 7% 21,000 300,000 21,000
Next 300,000 11% 33,000 600,000 54,000
Next 500,000 15% 75,000 1,100,000 129,000
Next 500,000 19% 95,000 1,600,000 224,000
Next 1,600,000 21% 336,000 3,200,000 560,000
Over 3,200,000 24%
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Consolidated Relief Allowance (CRA)

20% of gross income + (200,000 Naira or 1% of Gross Income, whichever is higher)

Finance Act 2020 impacts on CRA reducing the resulting value where statutory deductions are involved.

Pension Contribution

Every employer with 15 or more employees.

Employer to contribute minimum of 10% of the sum of Basic Salary, Housing Allowance, and Transport Allowance, while employee to contribute minimum of 8%.

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National Housing Fund (NHF)

Any employee earning basic salary of Three thousand Naira (NGN 3,000) or more is expected to contribute to the National Housing Fund.

Employee contributes 5% of basic salary.

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National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

Every employer with 10 or more staff is expected to deduct National Health Insurance Scheme from staff emolument.

Employer contributes 10% of basic salary while employee contributes 5% of basic salary.

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