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Personal Income Tax Calculator

This sme toolkit resource helps to ascertain amount deductible from employee's pay as PAYE (Pay As You Earned) tax and payable to the state government of his place of residence.

On the other hand, this SME toolkit for tax calculation helps employer to know the correct amount to deduct from staff salary. Know well that it's an offence to deduct lower amount and it's demoralizing to overcharge staff for PAYE deduction.

You can contact SME HR Software for help to automate your payroll system, even your entire human resource system, giving you a modern, efficient HRIS at an affordable price.


Salary Calculator

Use this sme toolkit resource - payroll calculator to determine your take home amount, that's your net salary.


Pension Calculator

Use this resource pension calculator to determine amount deductible from your pay as pension contribution.

This utility also lets you know the amount your empployer is to contribute into your retirement saving account (RSA) in your favour as required by labour law of the Federal Government of Nigeria.


Loan Calculator

This loan resource helps you to double check bank interest being charged by your bank or lender. It's also good to ascertain your repayment and commitment before taking a loan.

This SME toolkit loan calculator helps you to calculate bank interest, repayment amount, and the complete loan amortization schedule for car loan or any other loan.


Mortgage Calculator

Becoming a home owner is a dream of everyone. It's normal way of life to get loan for real estate property purchase.

Mortgage provides you the opportunity to buy a house and pay off the loan amount over an extended period of time installmentally.

There are some credible finance houses in Nigeria that provide personal home loan.

National Housing Fund (NHF) scheme of the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria (FMBN) established by NHF Act of 1992 provides every Nigerian citizen the opportunity to become proud home owners.

With the help of this home loan calculator, you can calculate interest, repayment, and the complete amortization schedule.

Recommended References

  1. Procedure for registration
  2. Eligibility for loan
  3. Informal sector of NHF - cooperative society


Distance Calculator

Measurement is part of our everyday activity. Sometimes we need to convert from one unit of measure to another.

This sme toolkit utility comes handy when you need to do linear conversion. It helps to convert from meters to kilometers, miles, feet, yards and vice versa.