Exciting Features:
SME PAYROLL - your preferred HR solution for workforce and remuneration management.
Tastefully designed and easy to use.
Fully compliant with the Finance Act 2020 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Expatriate tax management
Prepares payroll in seconds - 60 seconds for 519 employees for a complex payroll!
Provides a downloadable bank advance as bulk payment to all staff.
Helps to remit pension contributions fast and with ease.
Emails payslip to all staff members with a click of button!
Tracks staff leave and attendance.
Expense claims managing.
Manages staff loan and tracks repayment.
Helps staff to appraise self.
Helps managers to appraise subordinates.
Provides a multi-level approval workflow for payroll processing.
Whistle blowing anonymously and confidentially.
Provides end-to-end communication encryption and accessible anywhere, anytime.


SME PAYROLL is an intuitive, modern cloud based HR and payroll platform. It is multi-location and multi-currency. Easy to use, customizable, and affordable. Works well with any double-ledger accounting system.

What exciting, beneficial features does the SME PAYROLL offer?

  • Comprehensive staff information management
  • Tracking of staff time off
  • Suspension, sanction or leave without pay
  • Automated loan repayment
  • Flexible biometric attendance management
  • Rewards, benefits, and compensation processing
  • Performance appraisal
  • Flexible and unlimited salary policies
  • Employee self-services
  • Statutory compliance reports for pension, tax & NHF
  • Multi-access and unlimited number of users
  • Multi-currency, multi-location, multi-organization
  • Secure communication and privileges control
  • Spreadsheet support


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