SME Payroll System and HRMS Features

Features of our SME Payroll System include the following:

  1. Capture of organization profile information
    This includes company name, location, phone number, email, website, motto, registration number (RC), registration date, brand image and base currency.

  2. Capture of employee bio data
    Such as first name, middle name, last name, date of birth, gender, title, passport photograph, state & country of origin, next of kin, bank information, drivers’ license, national ID, international number, personal email and phone numbers.

  3. Capture of employee corporate information
    Employee code, category, system role, joined date, and state of residence.

  4. Capture of employee job information
    Data items such as employee’s branch, department, unit, and designation.

  5. Employee contact information
    Permanent and mailing addresses.

  6. Employee statutory information
    Pension, PAYE, NHF, NSITF, voluntary pension and life assurance.

  7. Employee salary information
    Employee grade, salary template, salary advance, additional allowances, additional deduction, expense reimbursement, recurring allowance, and involuntary deductions (like union dues and cooperative societies).

  8. Computation of PAYE (Pay As You Earned Tax)
    PAYE computation is fully compliant with Nigerian Personal Income Tax Act (PITA) 2011 Amendment. Tax implications of pension, benefit-in-kind (BIK), NHF, NSITF, voluntary pension, and life assurance are well considered and taken care of.

  9. Pension scheme management
    It manages employee pension contribution, employer’s contribution to pension, and any additional voluntary pension contribution.

  10. Reporting
    Reports include employee profile data report, salary schedule, bank payment schedule, pay slip (pay statement), PAYE tax report, pension report, NHF report, NSITF report and several other reports.

  11. ESS & Manager Portals
    There are employee self service and manager portals.

  12. Asset Tracking
    Manages company assets.

  13. Daily Work Report
    Track staff daily work reports - year to date, month to date, or date range.

  14. Security
    It provides role-based access control. There are both manager self service and employee self service.

  15. Exporting
    Reports are exportable to portable document format (.pdf), Microsoft Excel format (.xlsx), and Microst Word format (.docx).

  16. Accounting software integration
    It integrates well with intuit QuickBooks software. Integration with other accounting software or in-built accounting general ledger is on special request.

  17. Biometric device integration
    It's integrated to biometric device for time and attendance and payroll processing.

  18. Data migration assistant
    Data can easily be batched into the platform from an existing HR application.

  19. Leave management
    It tracks staff leave and leave balances.

  20. Other features

    • Unlimited payroll allowance and deduction types

    • Unlimited number of employees

    • Expatriate tax management

    • Locking payroll after process

    • Approval workflow setup

    • Web-based, accessible anytime, anywhere

    • Extensible, customizable

    • Ultra high performance

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